CancerCare endorses and actively promotes state and federal policies which:

  • Ensure equal access to high quality, safe, affordable and comprehensive cancer treatment for all Americans
  • Monitor and protect against potential discriminatory insurance benefit design and implementation
  • Enable a responsible process for moving government-sponsored insurance programs toward patient-centric, quality based treatment and payment plans
  • Facilitate shared decision-making in cancer treatment planning that reflects patients’ values and priorities
  • Help expedite the development and implementation of survivorship plans for every cancer patient after active treatment
  • Fund the rapid development of novel, safe and effective cancer treatment and support therapies

Our Recent Advocacy Activities:

The CancerCare Patient Value Initiative

Launched in early 2017, this multi-faceted project intends to reframe the national healthcare policy dialogue to include what’s important to patients and their families, and to incorporate patients’ values and priorities into treatment decision-making models. Learn more >>

The CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report

Published in May, 2016, reflecting the perspectives of thousands of Americans diagnosed with cancer, the report identifies many needs and concerns that people experience along the continuum of living with and beyond cancer. Learn more >>

Our Recent Event Activities:

Turning the Tide Against Cancer 2017 National Conference

CancerCare was a co-convener of this conference in June, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Leaders from across the oncology community gathered to explore the role of the patient across the continuum of cancer research and care, and delineate strategies for policymakers to consider that support meaningful patient engagement and deliver value to patients. Learn more >>

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